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[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News Recently, the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau announced a number of winter clothing quality monitoring, the results show that there are 45 models are product quality checks failed, a failure rate of 45%, many of whom Nike (stores), seven wolves (stores), H & amp; M, Metersbonwe other famous brands. It is reported that Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau commissioned Guangzhou fiber product testing hospital in Guangzhou circulation of shopping malls, supermarket sales cheap foamposites of winter clothing quality monitoring, sampling a total of 86 production of 100 models of goods. After testing, 55 samples pass section 44 subsection commodity is judged to be the overall failure of verification, 1 commodity is determined to sample failed, a failure rate of 45%. Reporters saw the list from substandard goods, a NIKE Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Knit Pullover light fastness substandard, according to reports, poor color fastness of clothing hit the water, perspiration, Japan sun, saliva or physical friction, Cheap air jordans for sale easy to fall off and fade dyes, affect the appearance, and the shedding of dye molecules or metal ions may be absorbed through the skin and hazardous to health. test results also show that seven wolves in Fujian Industrial Co., Ltd. a SEPTWOLVES failed cashmere jacket, Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion Co., a Meters / bonwe M jacket cashmere and cashmere child content failed Guangzhou Kay Clothing Co., a wholly gardor Junior Road Down charge down the volume failed. It is reported that the amount of cashmere clothing is to evaluat Retro jordans for sale e the quality of down jackets to keep warm and reflect an important indicator of good or bad performance, the higher the amount of cashmere thermal properties better, whereas poor thermal performance. Cashmere child is a major component of feather cashmere, velvet flower child mainly including cashmere, velvet immature, similar to cashmere and cashmere damage, the relevant standard requirements as a percentage of cashmere cashmere child must be greater than or equal to 90%. And charge down the amount reflects the clothing side cheap jordans for sale , the quality of the irregular space after lining consisting of filling by sewing down, the more if some space is filled with down, then the greater the charge down the amount, warm down jacket the better. The companies in the production of shoddy, shoddy behavior may cause these project failed. In addition, Haines Morris (Shanghai) Ltd. a H & amp; M casual jacket seam error degree crack failed. The project failed may be due to a number of manufacturers use a relatively thin structure is more loose fabric production of cloth Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ing, or improper sewing process, resulting seam error degree crack failed. Such clothing during wear is prone to breakage, seriously affecting the product value. Guangzhou Trade and Industry Bureau said it would sell substandard goods business industry, households based on the relevant provisions of the "Product Quality Law" for punishment, while urging the city's marketing firm to do the same plant with the brand with the specifications of substandard goods under the shelf back City work, for refusing to perform delisting o Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping f distribution companies will be investigated and dealt with according to law. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As the world's leading football brand, adidas experience in football manufacturing is unparalleled. Adidas from 1963 to begin production of football, always stand in the forefront of technological innovation. From 1970 onwards, Adidas offers games for all major UEFA and FIFA tournament with the ball, starting in 2008, Adidas will provide the o cheap jordans online fficial match ball for the African Cup of Nations. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Adidas rival Nike in this area is clearly not Adidas opponents, they can not be among the European-dominated sport. However, Nike provides the Asian Cup this year with the ball.suede charm is completely out of the way! Air called Olive Foamposite will be officially launched on September 26th, exudes a strong military wind, do you feel it? Adidas Originals NMD has a high popularity, although launched a super multi color PA screen, b cheap jordan shoes for men ut Adidas seems to still not satisfied! recently launched a new medium version - Adidas Originals NMD "City Sock""! with simple vertical stripes appear, black and white color, is the trendsetter favorite elements. finally equipped with Boost soles, comfort and handsome together. Give me a reason not to start? ADIDAS NMD CITY SOCK release date: 2016 Summermy first statement is a scared dog, but I am not afraid of some dogs, but they are poor. The company's products such as dog, dog tired every day t Retro jordans for sale o change. For example, a single dog, which is a group of caring group. ok. Hark back to the subject, first of all, I am a cycling enthusiasts, I often early in the morning to go climbing on a bike, then ride of Tibet, I have met a dog, to cope with the dog also have experience. Today, and we share together when the dog, how should we respond? dogs are the descendants of the original age of hunters, like the pursuit of their nature. So they respond quickly to the front of the eye through the object, such as a bicycle, a motorcy cheap jordans for sale mens cle, a car. And even running. : dog teeth, claws, average sprint speed 30km / h per hour (depending on the dog and barking), the rider: kettle, helmets, bikes, roadside various sticks and rocks such as average sprint speed 35km / h, as the legs and decide), roar,from Arsenal on the human point of view, after blasting the dogs, it depends on how you use 1 and started to ridedog's average sprint speed in 30km / h or so, and 30 of the speed is not so difficult to ride a bike. If you are in the area where the road can also be convenient for you to ride a bike to escape, then it is still running away. The success of One finished, all is finished.. Save the next bunch of things. The tragedy is that you tend not to see it rush toward you, or that it is chasing you. 2, if you can't escape, so do what you can to make it scared out of their wits. try to keep your voice down and scare them with a low noise. Courage is small compared to the dog, you deep roar scare them, basically can scare away, there really isn't scare off, pick up your water bottle in front of their water. Dogs are generally more afraid of the water. Some have suggested that the use of pepper spray, but pepper spray attack in a limited range of dog can often flexible escaped, the effect is not good. I personally suggested using a pneumatic horn, especially your sections is often encounter with a dog, air horn sound more relaxed and the road away dog. Dogs are extremely sensitive to hearing, and the sound of the air horn is like a nuclear explosion. 3, use your car to separate you from the dog. more than two strokes have no way to scare away the dog, you need a positive battle and the dog. At this time to stop the car, the car cross between you and the dog, to try to avoid direct contact with the eyes of the dog. A lot of times when you stop, the dog will slightly ease down. At this time, if there is such thing as air horn, the dog will be frightened, will soon leave. Without the words, the dog calm down, will slowly leave. Don't take the initiative to provoke a dog. 4, if you stop after the dog has not left the words, but jumped up, bike

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