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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; December 10, the former Shanghai Xujiahui Grand Gateway, Adidas released the "2006 World Cup designated ball." On the right side of the stage, wearing a pink tracksuit shorty girl while trembling, what side of the record. "You see her badge, have forgotten picked." Staff member Adidas warned. The original NIKE store staff. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike, one of Germany's blood flowing, one wearing a large "Brooklyn" casual clothes, all the way to the rally came from abroad. Over the years, the two sports ace of the contest never stop. In 2005, the two sides desperate struggle even more exciting. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; grab grab star sports team & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sports endorser, has always been the focus of the sports brand competition. Yao Ming from the original "Ben abandoned Nike Reebok" classic case, then Agassi fought Adidas, N Retro jordans for sale ike, and so tied Liu Xiang, a perfect fit with the brand's first-line star effect already common. This year, Real Madrid soul - Robinho's contract with Nike as well as 12 months before maturity, Adidas has begun a series of confused action. & nbsp; & nbsp; However, the international sports brand reveal the long-term vision, just expose them find stars, star culture on skill. That year, Liu Xiang ran nearly 14 seconds only when the Marketing Department Zhang Tong Nike athlete refused to leave it on the left and right; but when Yao Ming did not go abroad, Reebok has also been delineated a number of years. & nbsp; & nbsp; "they always quick success not sign contracts, but to nurture each other's feelings, until the other party completely conquered so far." marketing expert Liu Hailong said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;?? After 2000, Tiger Woods was eyeing Nike, Nike CEO Philip Knight wit cheap jordans for sale hout taking into account their own identity, go to the stadium to the "tiger" side towels, delivery Beverages and ball pole. Tiger? Woods finally agreed to Nike, as its spokesman golf products, 5 years worth $ 100 million. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; within the ranks of Adidas and Nike, have a service for the athletes. Some of the staff are retired sports athletes, athletes on domestic demand and personal circumstances knows quite well. "Tiger" on the club a little dissatisfied, Nike would repeatedly build big bucks. Liu Xiang's foot a little discomfort, nearly one-meter-high shoe design drawings probably instant into waste. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the two companies in order to win the approval of Chinese short track speed skating team conducted months of grabbing offensive. Finally, Nike still be won. "In fact, when no ice Nike sports products. But Nike first to seize the hill." "Team Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Yao" planning relaxation, "said the big brands operating practices is to find the appropriate well-known athlete in a sport or sports teams such products as the spokesperson. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; relaxation that athletes for the enterprise, is always scarce. "Each field also a few highly anticipated, how to use, how to use the good is very important." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, the value of players is limited. "Not every athlete is to flourish. Players no longer once glorious, or race mishap occurs, companies are also very risky." Hailong said the eye is not just staring at international companies ready-made athlete, but a clear understanding star effect to temporarily communicate with customers. Supported by a star brand's long gone. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike in some sectors even further juvenile teams, who have the potential to observe and mining, bu Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping t not known small team. "2008 is the star emerged moments at home and abroad, we have to prepare." Senior Manager of Adidas China, Zhu Chen Ye disclosed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; invade another territory Adidas this year's trump card, is to "Macready" and three NBA players into the country, touring. "Obvious to grab the Nike site." Hailong gave away. Nike basketball universal origin is African-American district. Since with Mike? Jordan formed a "perfect match", the Nike basketball product has been laid dominance. Zhu Chen Ye forthrightly talk about Adidas basketball market ambitions. "Our strength has been on soccer products, Nike is now up to the market very quickly. We are farming their own land at the same time, we must increase investment in basketball." Now Adidas basketball country after another. Adidas birth of the "cage rebound" of advertising, with the 5-a-side street cheap jordan shoes for men basketball league; and Nike is in full swing planning the "High School from 2005 to 2006 Chinese Basketball League." basketball in most people's eyes, both relaxing and fashion: two or three people can play together; clothing shoes and other derivative products are suitable for everyday wear for young people. But football is not the same, "usually need more people, but most people do not often wear nail shoes to the streets to play." Zhu Chen Ye said, which makes the promotion of basketball products have a broader mass base. "Both companies from the basketball series products, and compared to the gap in the football market, obviously much smaller." Adidas did not sell as well as a trump card: Reebok basketball strength in the market. Although Reebok had little influence in the country, but it is the NBA's sponsors. "Now see what new tricks, really want to wait for the Reebok ????? cheap jordans online ??? camp, only to see the clues." Relaxation told reporters. Nike football Adidas launched a counter attack. Nike signed this year Brazil and Ronaldo. Its most prominent position on the home page, a special report of Brazil's flag. China head office Nike's door, on a small TV also continuously playing a new football ad: several young of different colors, fiddled with foot ball, kicked from one country to another country . "This reflects our inherent Nike coveted traditional markets." Zhu Chen Ye said. emotional Raiders Shanghai Media Group (SMG) (referred to as "Shanghai SMG") is an insider, on this point of view, Nike and Adidas small amounts of TV advertising. The source said that if 2004 is a sports brand television advertising Petani, then this is certainly a small year. Do not seize the two companies advertising time yet? Zhu Chen Ye denied such speculation. "As the mo Retro jordans for sale st mainstream television media, the two brands is certainly the battleground. Of course, the amount invested in the reduction is a fact. This is mainly the 2004 Olympics has been the focus of our launch in 2005, is not particularly significant event. But we still sponsored projects such as Shanghai Open. " These people Shanghai Wenguang said unlike other sports brand cosmetic products, its investment in TV advertising has been limited. "Kentucky appear in a program, then, McDonald's will soon follow. However, if the Adidas sponsored a column, not into the mix of Nike." Nike is an advertising agency said. His statement was endorsed by the Shanghai Media advertising department. Zhu Chen Ye say that sports brand is still relatively low profits. "After all, we are real clothes and shoes, the cost will be higher." Hailong analysis, sports brand in the target population between 16 to 2 cheap jordans for sale mens 6 years, unless some major television program, these young people that they do not watch TV, but to immerse yourself in the world: such as schools, streets , basketball courts, soccer fields, and so on. "These sports brand in Advertising and edge media (such as sports magazines) put on a ratio of about 40%." a lot of money Nike and Adidas hit the most activity. Because only more activity, in order to trigger the target population inner impulse. Hailong analysis, we are competing for the same group: love sports, young and dynamic, excluding consumption costs. Trace the origin, sports brand and the company hopes to reach more of their emotional resonance. once very famous Nike slogan "Justdoit", Adidas's "Impossible is nothing" and other slogans have revealed new sports company's marketing strategy. Nike and all the stars of signing the contract, there is a number of times a year cheap foamposites touring terms. Adidas also slowly from the technical content of promotional products, turned to philosophy and brand of indoctrination. Meanwhile, Adidas and more focus on creating sports scenes such as tissue adventure, climbing, polar project. 2008, is sponsoring the Olympic Games Adidas ahead of the competition, or the king of Nike continue unmatched? We wait for answers.ASICS recently released the Gel-Lyte III special color match - "Carnival Pack"". "Carnival Pack" with bright positive green as the main color, to yellow, red and black echoes, all kinds of strong color collision, and with the "Carnival" theme. The shoes are made of soft suede, and the black and white cushioning midsole is also the focus of attention. "Carnival Pack" feels very warm and festive, and gives a sense of liveliness and vitality. variegated beauty Olka Osadzinska x Reebok jointly produced Ventilator f Cheap air jordans for sale resh summer, deep ocean Diadora Titan II new color Ocean Depths" comments on : Diadora Olka Osadzinska x Reebok Ventilator Ocean Depths Titan next article: fresh summer deep in the ocean, the new color II" Adidas Originals by Jeremy to qiulao Hu Scott 2014 F/W an animal every year, has become a Jeremy Scott and tide bound unspoken agreement. After the bear Ren, panda, orangutans, dog, this is the autumn tiger!! Although the doll head It is quite common for, but this season from the short, with a pair of tiger tail plus tiger covered sneakers, can be said to be easy to wear a post the trend, you deserve to be in the autumn of The One And Only ! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Daniel Wu, seaside surfing, big Mermaid line, male star, muscle, love ruminate on oxygen masks, Major, x, Reebok, InstaPump, Fury for Y-3 2014 fall ZX Zip new color design, answer prizes / as long as you dare to challenge massive tidal products free get World Cup thematic planning / want to wave through the world cup 26 intimate keywords - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - can also take the car, Supreme?! tyrant necessary! Crazy bully cool lightning cloud Chandelier 1 2 on the next page, next page, luxury shoes, ETQ, Amsterdam, 2014, spring / summer series, next page review this Nike and world-renowned British skateboarding shop lost art to create a joint for Nike Bruin sb had just landed pre-sale stage, and will be released on March 21, and overwhelmed. Chinese version but ahead of shelves of the shoes and has supported the purchase, priced at $669 yuan, No. 716814-071. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!BHM team this year, an unprecedented series of expansion, Air Jordan 1, High also joined the Jordan Brand BHM shoes in the money. Don't think this Air Jordan 1 is a different style, though it's different from the pure fluorescent shoes of Jordan Spi'zike, but you'll find it amazing when you turn on the flash. Yes, blue ink with carbon black shoes actually consist of 3M reflective materials, reflective effect after Brand and Jordan this year BHM series of pure fluorescence colors were very similar, have lamented this pair of Air Jordan 1 High BHM win in the creative. , 2013-1-10, 08:38 upload, download attachments (89.53, KB), , 2013-1-10 08:38 upload download attachment (87.08, KB) 2013-1-10 08:38 upload download attachment (88.76, KB) 2013-1-10 08:38 upload download attachment (102.55, KB) 2013-1-10 08:38 upload download attachment (104.03, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (93.98, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (101.01, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (87.04, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (105.66, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (114.3, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (106.35, KB) 2013-1-10 08:39 upload download attachment (122.52, KB) 2013-1-10〉 : this LeBron 12 "Lion Heart" will be one of the first two colors to be sold and will meet with us in October 31st. However, before the netizen exposure making plans on foot, red and white color collocation is very eye-catching, I believe many of my friends will love.

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