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In May 31st, the "Sino Russian friendship tour? China" interview team interviewed on the China western shoe industrial park, local authorities said Russia and China National years opened to Easy Access Russia for Chengdu shoes. "Sino Russian friendship tour, China Tour" interview team, first visited the shoe industry zone located in Western Chengdu shoe enterprises - Chengdu Jun Jun Industrial Co., Ltd. leather shoes production workshop. It is understood that the company has an annual output of 150 to 2 million pairs of shoes, of which 1/4 are sold to Russia, the company's exports to Russia are now growing at an annual rate of 40%. Ma Zhongquan, general manager of the company, revealed the competitive advantages of Chengdu Enterprises: "Chengdu shoes, its advantages lie in its speed, our production and delivery cycle is very short, received orders to ship 4 Cheap air jordan 12 ovo days, usually 15 days."." It is understood that Russian residents need to spend 230 million / 250 million pairs of shoes each year, of which 150 million pairs are Chinese shoes. Wu Chun company Cardin brand shoes has also aroused great interest of the Russian reporters, they have chosen love style try it on in the interview, Itar - Tass cultural consultant ustimenko selected the original price 800 yuan a pair of leather shoes manufacturers, 200 yuan to the price sold to him, it is understood that the leather shoes in Russia to sell 200 to 300 dollars. The Chinese shoes, high ustimenko evaluation: "I bought a pair of shoes, the quality is very good, I've bought Chinese shoes, shoe line is very strong, Chinese shoes look very modern, fashionable, I very love." China western shoe industrial park has gathered more than 80% of Sichuan's footwear enterprises, foot cheap jordans for sale wear currently has more than 1200 enterprises, 67% of its products are exported to Russia, the Russian government issued the relevant laws prohibiting foreigners engaged in retail trade in Russia last year, caused some impact on the footwear industry in Chengdu. Therefore, the relevant departments of Chengdu spotted this opportunity in Russia China years, in April 21, 22 days, held a Sino Russian footwear trade fair, during the more than 60 Russian enterprises in Sichuan direct purchase of $20 million, by May the shoe procurement season in 4, the total purchase amount of Russian enterprises exceeded 300 million dollars. Western Sichuan Shoes Co. Ltd. state representative, chairman Peng Jun said: "today you came to the shoes are from the past, and today's development and the Russian market, the Russian enterprises cooperation are inseparable, the Russian mark cheap jordan shoes for men et is the core of our market, we adopted this Chinese national platform, we will enter a a benign orbit in 2007, 2008 in the Russian market development." (editor in chief: admin)Recently, Nike Sportswear in cooperation with Brazil cutting-edge designers Pedro Lourenco, together to create a new series of women's fitness. The young designer, at the age of 19 at St Paul fashion week and Paris fashion Zhou Liang, particularly looking forward to the cooperation. The United States supermodel Karlie Kloss interpretation of movement equipment joint, this brings the shoe works: Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4. Soft gray cloth and pink details combined, full of feminine sense of modern. Nike Lab on sale, love friends can look at. pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-02.jpg (98.03 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload Retro jordans for sale pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-01.jpg (107.09 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-03.jpg (122.37 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload Nike 00continue to bring black and silver color of the Air Jordan 3Lab5 "Metallic Silver"; real tushang.A new member of the item: 555088-023Located in the Los Angeles fashion names with the The Goodhood Store recently called "The Beauty Process" The new 2015 autumn and winter series return to the vision of them. Which shows FUCT, Nike, COMME des GAR & Ccedil; ONS, DKNY and other brands of the latest single product, models with various levels of rich interpretation of a single product mix and match program, I believe we will for you in winter clothing costume p Cheap air jordans for sale rovide a perfect demonstration deduction.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation Recently, due to the sale of Umbro brand lead agents suffer losses, Nike public pressure body. Right now, just released fourth quarter 2013 sales, and let quite "suck." The rapid growth momentum North America and other markets conceal embarrassing its sales in the Chinese market, Nike's quarterly warned the new fiscal year in the first half, its sales in the Chinese market or will decline. Since the beginning of last year, Nike has been plagued by slower sales of inventory and other issues. Faced with Adidas good performance in the China market, the growth bottleneck Nike has now, the two sides will sink channel strategy battlefield moved to second and third tier cities. Adidas developed a new series won biased fashion consumer preferences, and Nike still take the "id cheap foamposites ealism" line, adhere to the movement value, how much is not dominant. Analysts also said that the current competitive situation is only short-term situation, who asserted that the future is better, not only based on the current revenue situation. The new quarter lackluster performance Nike released fourth-quarter results, as of May 31, its fourth-quarter profit of $ 668 million, compared to $ 549 million last year, an increase of 22%, largely due to footwear and boost clothing sales. By region, North America, Nike rapid growth, reaching 12%. Emerging markets and Europe, and the eastern part of the same good performance, which offset the decline in Japan and Western Europe, as well as Greater mediocre performance. Nike expects growth in the first quarter of this fiscal year and the annual growth rate will reach Wall Street expectations, but warned tha cheap jordans for sale mens t the new fiscal year first half, the Chinese market sales might decline. However, the company from product size and color to make adjustments to meet customer demand for the Chinese market. Nike Chief Financial Officer Blair noted that it still has confidence in the Chinese market. He said the company also has a lot to do, the performance of the Chinese market will not always follow a flat trajectory, it is difficult to predict how long the Chinese market can return to growth. It is reported that Nike CEO Parker at the company's latest quarterly earnings release interpretation, said: "Competition in the Chinese market is a marathon, not a sprint." Nike opinion, it's it will be frustrated in the Chinese market because the overall growth rate of China's economic slowdown. In addition, excess inventory and price competition brought about by pressure, but a Retro jordans for sale lso increased the performance of the difficulties faced by Nike. Key Road Sports Consulting Ltd. founder Zhang to the "Daily Economic News" reporter pointed out that Nike's fourth-quarter performance consistent current competitive landscape and trends, sales really is not satisfactory. He said that the so-called thorny issue, Nike in China encountered a short-term growth bottlenecks. "Nike is not hard, but not so obvious effect." China market downturn, no improvement Since the third quarter of fiscal 2012, Nike's order growth in China has been slowing down, or even a decline for two consecutive quarters. Where the 2013 fiscal first quarter futures orders fell 5 percent, futures orders for the second quarter fell 6%. By the third quarter, orders for Nike in China, though he turned up 4%, but from the Greater China revenue of $ 635 million, down 9 perc cheap jordans online ent from $ 694 million the same period last year. The Chinese market once again reflects the downturn, analysts seem to have in their wake-up call. On the matter production, China has become its biggest market, "pain points." Learn Nike analysts have pointed out that other companies covet Chinese market, the Chinese market is more important to profit or Nike. In the past fiscal year, Nike in almost all markets not included in the exchange rate changes in sales are on the rise, Western Europe, too, except for the Chinese market. In Zhang seems so exaggerated claims Nike's emphasis on the Chinese market, "After all, its more than 100 billion dollars in global revenue in the Chinese market more than 20 million, we can only say that it attaches great importance to Chinese market , but it challenges the Chinese market currently exists there is some confusion. Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping " In addition, Nike also make products for the Chinese consumer tastes problems facing trouble. Nike's biggest competitor Adidas has launched resonate with Chinese shoppers a full range of products. Adidas sales growth, which means Nike's market share is being invaded. China's entire sporting goods industry are in the winter among Nike can not escape, except to give sales figures show an alarming decline, Nike's stock has become increasingly heavy burden. "China is still the focus area of ??our inventory management", after the investor conference, Chief Financial Officer of Nike said it is working to reduce inventory. Nike insiders, to clear inventory, this year to open 40 to 50 self-factory store. From June, the incumbent vice president will serve as general manager of Nike Greater MichaelSpillane, former general manager, vice president and general manager, was transferred to Nike Kids. The industry believes that the coaching change or hope the new coach can lead the Nike Greater China out of the state of poor profitability. Adidas counter-attack Nike constantly adjust the strategy when left many problems. Recently, on its sale of Umbro brand dealer license expires causing inventory clearance events difficult, and sometimes led to a public hot. In the Chinese sportswear market battle, Nike, Adidas is catching up. Adidas key strategy toward China is the brand extension beyond shoes and sportswear. Adidas also in restructuring retail stores, each store will allow focus on specific market segments. At the same time, the face of the impact of fast fashion sportswear industry, Adidas is also the first to have been adjusted from the Swedish fashion company Hennes & amp; recruitment MauritzAB and the Spanish Zara and other retailers. Respected fashion Adidas in the Chinese market have tasted the sweetness, compared with Nike's performance seems more conservative and paranoid. Zhang told reporters, Nike and Adidas are taken to deal with the Chinese market, the two strategies. Adidas is nowadays demand should, in the campaign has not yet become the mainstream way of life circumstances, to do more and more fashionable leisure products. The new series of neo Adidas low-end positioning, and therefore better sales in the current situation. Nike has always insisted on the need for movement or values, "in the short term some thankless, consumer concept of change takes time." Insiders said that, from a certain point of view, between sports brands and fast fashion is not exactly brand battle, it is a channel for battle, both sides of the positions are being shifted to second and third tier cities. Compared to Nike, Adidas success to seize the initiative again, sinking channels to seek new growth points. A source close to the Adidas industry sources told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, based on the movement of property Adidas, do partial fashion products, this strategy is no short-term problem, but there is considerable pressure. "When too much emphasis on lifestyle products, and channels and constantly sinking to four or five lines market, whether brand attributes and the position will be weakened and influence, is the need to observe." "If we say that Nike is an idealist, Adidas is a realist, who asserted that better not be judged based on current revenues, can not infer the future according to the current situation." Zhang stressed. 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